Yale Student Environmental Coalition

The Yale Student Environmental Coalition (YSEC) is the umbrella organization for all student environmental groups in Yale College. YSEC "strives to educate the Yale community about current environmental challenges and debates, advocate for environmentally conscious behavior, responsible consumer choice, sustainable university policy, and environmental justice. We seek to partner with campus organizations, other colleges and universities, non-profits, and major international initiatives in order to bring our objectives to light at Yale, within New Haven, and around the world."

Projects include:

  • Environmental Advocates
  • Environmental Education
  • Food Action
  • Project Bright
  • Fossil Free Yale
  • Y3PO


Phone: 203-887-5945
Email: moc.liamg|elay.cesy#moc.liamg|elay.cesy
Website: http://yaleysec.org/

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