Vermonters for a Clean Environment

Vermonters for a Clean Environment is comprised of Vermonters "united in the belief that Vermont's future lies in conserving its clean, rural, small-town environment. We have joined together to pursue the common goals of encouraging economic development with minimal environmental impacts and preserving Vermont's natural beauty. VCE is committed to providing facts and information so that people can make informed decisions. Vermont has some of the cleanest air in the nation and large quantities of pure water. We support long-term planning for sustainable economic and energy policies for Vermont that will benefit Vermonters and set standards for other states to follow."


Phone: 802-446-2094 (Danby),
Phone: 802-229-4281 (Montpelier)

Email: ten.letnomrev|ecv#ten.letnomrev|ecv
Website: VCE online


789 Baker Brook Rd
Danby VT 05739

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