Westfield Concerned Citizens

Westfield Concerned Citizens (WCC) is made up of individuals who have come together because of a common concern for the health and well-being of their neighbors and environment. WCC supports solutions that will educate the public on energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability and address environmental justice concerns.

In 2011, WCC was awarded a grant from the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund (NEGEF).

Programs and Campaigns

  • Pioneer Valley Energy Center


Mary Ann Babinski
Phone: 413-244-7201
Email: ten.tsacmoc|iksnibabam#ten.tsacmoc|iksnibabam

Additional contact information:
Phone: 413-568-8562
Email: moc.liamg|sneziticdenrecnocdleiftsew#moc.liamg|sneziticdenrecnocdleiftsew

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