New England Environmental Justice Resource Directory

The NEEJ Resources Directory includes environmental-justice organizations in New England and organizations with EJ projects, in addition to legal, technical, and funding resources. Also available in PDF.

Legal Resources

Massachusetts EJ Policy Information
Connecticut EJ Law
Maine's Kid Safe Product Act
Portland (Maine) Area Comprehensive Transportation System Environmental Justice and Non-Discrimination Plan
Maine DOT EJ Program information
EPA Region 1 Environmental Justice Program
U.S. Housing and Urban Development: Environmental Justice Guidance and Technical Assistance

Technical Resources

National Council of Churches of Christ Eco-Justice Program Resources
Alliance for a Clean & Healthy Maine, Body of Evidence: A Study of Pollution in Maine People
National Center for Environmental Health Strategies
Maine Environmental News
Land Contamination Report: Maine - Web resource for pollution and toxic chemical information; Land Contamination Report: Maine includes EJ analysis.
Maine Coastlinks: A Resource Guide to Maine's Coastal Organizations - Coastlinks provides a directory of the many organizations involved in coastal projects and issues in Maine. Government agencies, marine fishery trade organizations, environmental groups, research and educational institutions, land trusts, and economic development entities are represented.
Maine Environmental Policy Institute - reports, local environmental org listing
Brown University Superfund Research and Training Program - The Research Translation and Community Outreach Cores facilitate the flow of knowledge and information among the participating academics, government leaders, and community members in a true university-state-community partnership.
EPA Interagency EJ Guidebook -EPA's Federal Interagency Environmental Justice Directory, to assist community stakeholders with obtaining better access to federal agencies to more effectively address environmental justice issues within their local communities.
Trash Tracking Network - Brings transparency to Maine's solid waste industry.
Substandard Housing in Manchester NH (Appendix) - report led by The Way Home

Funding Resources

New England Grassroots Environment Fund - grants programs for newly launched and established projects, groups
Quimby Family Foundation - grants program (Maine)
Maine CDC Division of Environmental Health Drinking Water Program: Financial Resources - includes grants and loans for protection of drinking water resources
EPA Region 1 EJ Program - includes small grants program
Connecticut Youth Activist Network Grant Opportunities - listing of grants, awards, and scholarships
Maine Initiatives - charitable grants for social justice orgs, projects
Interfaith Funders - faith-based and secular grantmakers supporting congregation-based community organizing.
Maine Association of Non-Profits
Maine Philanthropy Center - regional association of grantmakers.
MaineShare - "social action fund" in Maine.
Neighborhood Funders Group - builds capacity of organized philanthropy to understand and support community-based organizing and improve the economic and social fabric of low-income urban neighborhoods and rural communities.
The Knight Foundation The Knight Foundation supports via grants "transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts." "We believe that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged."
The Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children (VT) - The Fund "is dedicated to shaping Vermont’s future in the most positive ways — by providing proactive, strategic leadership and funding for collaborative, targeted projects that make a real difference at the most critical times in a child’s life."
Johnson Family Foundation - JFF funds programs to improve the health of our environment; promote equality and social progress; and support education and youth.
Ben & Jerry's Foundation - The Foundation awards about $1.8 million annually to eligible organizations across the country and in Vermont, in five grant areas, from Vermont community capacity-building to national grassroots organizing.
Vermont Community Foundation - The Foundation awards more than $10 million annually to nonprofit organizations in Vermont and beyond. These grants support a breadth of issues such as hunger, housing, arts, cultural heritage, social justice, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.


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Downloadable References

EJ Directory ver. June 07, 2012 - download the EJ Directory for offline use.
Suffolk University EJ Pamphlet - detailed compilation of various EJ organizations in New England, created by students at Suffolk University.

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