Community Labor United


Our mission is to move strategic campaigns combining the joint power of community-based organizations and labor unions in order to protect and promote the interests of low and middle-income working families in the greater Boston area. Through a program of coalition building, research and policy development, public education and grassroots mobilization, we will move forward policies that promote quality jobs, secure healthcare and affordable housing for all of the Boston area's working people.


  • Lead campaigns that increase labor and community organizing opportunities promoting quality jobs, secure healthcare, affordable housing and other community interests for low and middle-income families in the greater Boston area
  • Develop strong in house research capacity to determine organizing opportunities and to educate people about the issues and interests affecting working families
  • Provide training opportunities for labor and community leaders on economic development issues
  • Foster the development of relationships between decision makers in community and labor organizations that can help groups in their individual organizing and collectively can begin to create a new progressive power center within the region

Programs and Campaigns

  • Green Justice Coalition


Phone: (617) 723-2639
Fax: (617) 723-2480
Address: 6 Beacon Street, Room 910, Boston, MA 02108

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